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Delivery Channels

We, at CyberPlat®, believe our customers are our main value. Every delivery channel solution, we develop, centers around our customers and their requirements. We are proud to offer self-service kiosk, POS-terminal, cash desk, online and mobile solutions for our customers, operating in any environments and on any markets.

Unlike many other payment processing systems, we offer open source code software to our partners, providing them with an opportunity to customize the software to their preferences, being always ready to consult them in these matters.

We use 2048 bit electronic signatures to process each and every transaction and therefore are in a position to guarantee absolute security of our transactions as well as fraud-protection as we can always identify the parties to any payment transacted through our system.

Find out more about our delivery channels clicking the option you are interested in.

  • Online
    with our online payment processing solution any PC, connected to the Internet, can become a payment acceptance outlet
  • ATM
    ATMs are very easily integrated into CyberPlat® payment processing system. Over 250 banks appreciate cooperation with CyberPlat
  • Self-Service Kiosk
    Self-service kiosks are used to provide top-up services 24 hours a day with minimum human resources required to maintain them. We provide SSK Networks with Software, SSK Management Systems and full processing services.
  • Cash Desk
    Most of our retail partners, no matter how big they are, especially prefer our cash desk solutions used to deliver our top-up services to the end-clients.
  • POS-Terminal
    through POS-terminals and cash desks, communicating with the CyberPlat® server over the secure Internet protocol, we deliver our top-up services to the end-clients
  • Mobile
    any smartphone and mobile phone, supporting Java, may be used to process payments through CyberPlat®

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