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CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») is recognized as Russia’s most reliable system
CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») is marked by the most prestigious IT award
MTS acknowledges CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») as the most reliable processing system
«MegaFon» awards CyberPlat® ("КиберПлат") for its high technical level in setting up payment acceptance
«MegaFon» awards CyberPlat® ("КиберПлат") and «PLATINA» for making the most sizeable contributions to the piggybank of the «MegaFon» network
CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») takes first place by volume of processed payments towards «Beeline»
«Beeilne» awards CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») and «PLATINA» for efficiently setting up payment network within «Beeline» offices
«Beeline» awards CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») and «PLATINA» bank for operating without failures and for the high service quality
Russian Ministry of Communications awards CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») for its input to development and popularization of new technologies in telecommunications and IT penetration
«CyberPlat Kazakhstan»is awarded for the top indices by volume of payments from the «Beeline» subscribers
CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») takes first place by volume of processed payments towards «Beeline»
«Beeline» acknowledges  «PLATINA» CB, CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») system settlement bank, as a winner in the nomination «Opening of the Year»
Bank of Moscow expresses gratitude to CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») for a lasting and fruitful partnership
CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») and «PLATINA» bank are acknowledged by «Beeline» as absolute leaders by aggregate volume of accepted payments from the Beeline subscribers
CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») is awarded for the promptness in processing payments of «AKADO-Stolitsa» subscribers and for the flawless customer service
«Beeline» awards «PLATINA» bank and CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») for achieving the best results
Diploma of the 3rd International Forum “Mobile Eurasia” for contributing to the development of new information technologies
AKOS shows its gratitude to CyberPlat® («КиберПлат») for a fruitful cooperation, reliability in partnership relations, and for the high professionalism
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