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August 22, 2022

All creditors of Platina Bank received funds in full in the course of DIA payments

LLC CB "PLATINA" notifies about the payment of 100% of the funds to all creditors included by the DIA in the register of creditors.

The size of the insurance deposit finally received in July from the international payment system (IPS) Visa made it possible to fully transfer the remaining amount of money to be paid and fully satisfy the requirements of creditors.

The process of formation of the competitive money supply required to be paid to depositors did not require the sale of non-monetary assets belonging to the Platina Bank, including land assets and real estate.

Satisfaction of the claims of all “registered” creditors in the amount of 100% of the amount of established claims was carried out only at the expense of funds held on the accounts of CB PLATINA LLC at the time of revocation of the license on September 17, 2021 and insurance deposits for settlements with MPS cards.

The information of the state corporation "Deposit Insurance Agency" on payments to creditors confirms that Platina Bank has always had full instant liquidity for making settlements on the same day.

Thus, the unreasonable, ill-conceived, and, possibly, malicious actions of the Bank of Russia destroyed not only a high-tech, but also an absolutely financially stable Russian bank that has been operating stably for more than 25 years, which was a more than significant part of Russia's payment infrastructure.

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