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CyberPlat® receives a most prestigious IT award

CyberPlat® cash acceptance network became a winner of CNews Award “For Creating and Developing the Electronic Payment Market of Russia”. The award ceremony was attended by heads of the leading Russian and foreign IT-companies, government representatives, experts and journalists.

CNews Awards is a national prize in high technology and the Internet, celebrating outstanding achievements in information technologies and electronic communications among leading companies, state and public organizations, business entities, as well as single public figures who made a significant contribution in the development of the Russian IT market.

CyberPlat®, historically the first Russian payment system, is a creator of the electronic payment market. Over nine years ago, on the 18th of March 1998, CyberPlat® cash acceptance network executed the first electronic transaction for the benefit of the Garant-Park Company; and on the 12th of August 1998, the first operation of topping up a private mobile account in the billing system of Beeline, a provider of mobile telephone services, was performed using electronic digital signature.

For the past years, electronic payments have become a common daily reality of Russian life. Many millions of Russian residents have understood how daily routines are simplified due to the implementation of the capabilities of the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network. As a result of the efforts made by CyberPlat® cash acceptance network, people can now pay for the services of various providers practically everywhere – in mobile telecommunications stores, through payment terminals, cash registers of retail outlets, pharmacies, or petrol stations. As of the end of April, 2007, the electronic payment systems’ cash acceptance network exceeded 50 000 retail and service outlets, spread through the entire territories of Russia and Kazakhstan.

The fact that half of the Russian population uses the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network to execute regular service payments for mobile and land-line communication, Internet access, utility and other services is a clear evidence of the leading role of CyberPlat® in the development of the new information technologies market.

For all nine years of work in the electronic payments market, the CyberPlat® Company have been showing dynamic and sustainable growth of the main operational indicators – turnover and payment points numbers. The unconditional advantages of CyberPlat® cash acceptance network – speed, security and fail safety reinforced by many years of experience – have been appreciated by the largest Russian companies, CyberPlat®’s long-standing and well-established partners.

The most prestigious IT award repeatedly confirmed the standing of CyberPlat® cash acceptance network as a dynamic, technologically advanced, and successfully developing company. Standing the test of time is the only reliable guarantee of professionalism and quality. The prestigious CNews Award will become an additional incentive for CyberPlat® cash acceptance network to develop and promote new communication and payment technologies, and will strengthen its unconditional leading position in the payment acceptance market.

“Experts predict explosive growth of the electronic payment market. The highest productivity, user-friendliness and reliability will ensure the leadership of the historically first Russian electronic payment system, CyberPlat®,” General Director of CyberPlat® Company, Andrey Gribov, comments.

CNews AWARDS is Russia’s most prestigious award in information and communication technologies. The main winner selection criterion is the significance of contribution to an industry and the economic development of Russia. The award founder is the media channel CNews of RBC Group. Nomination is performed by the expert group of CNews Analytics. Laureates are elected by direct electronic voting of over 400 participants of the award ceremony.

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