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Key generation software.

Along with «key manager», which is installed during the automatic registration of the dealer, it is possible to use the Genkey program. For this purpose, it is necessary to download the distribution kit, extract the archive, start the program and familiarize oneself with the description.

Download Genkey (ZIP, 78 Ń)

Key generation manual

In order to generate keys by means of the GenKey program, it is necessary to execute the following operations:

  1. Indicate the file with the key card in the field ęPath to key card file", which is included into the distribution kit or is provided by the authorization center.
  2. Enter the Code Phrase to access your private key (the code phrase cannot be shorter than 6 characters; try to use a phrase containing both letters and numbers). Memorize it. Should you forget your code phrase, it will be impossible to restore it and you will have to generate the keys again.
  3. Re-enter the code phrase in the "Repeat code phrase" field.
  4. In the corresponding field of the program window, please, indicate the path to the folder in which the public and private keys will be generated, i.e. the following files:

    pubkeys.key — user base of public keys,
    secret.key — user private key,
    public.iks — copy of the public key.

  5. Press "Generate".
  6. Upon completion of the keys generation, the userís public key will be automatically exported into the public.iks file and there will be a message saying "Keys are successfully generated. For the further work, please, register your public key from the public.iks file in the system.".

    Press "OK" to continue working with the program. After that the folder in which the keys were generated will open automatically.

  7. If the corresponding options are not marked in the Options menu of the program, the payment server keys will be imported.

There will be a public.iks file in the directory, where the keys were generated and it will contain a copy of the public key. If this public key is registered in the Cyberplat system as a user key, this file should be sent by e-mail or brought personally to the Cyberplat administration service.

If the option "Always create subdirectory with the key card name while generating keys" is not switched off, the public and the private keys will be saved in the automatically created by the program folder below the folder indicated in the field "Path to folder where keys will be generated". The name of the newly created subdirectory will correspond to the name of the key card without an extension. Such functioning of the program is caused by the high probability of losing the previously generated keys in the case the user forgot to make changes in the field "Path to folder where keys will be generated" after the previous session of key generation.

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