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Becoming a Regional Representative of CyberPlat®

This program, on the one hand, is aimed at providing businessmen with new opportunity to increase their profits, and on the other hand - to provide a simplified instrument for bringing new traders and service providers into the orbit of CyberPlat® electronic payment system.

Our Regional Representatives do not need to have contractual relations with the companies, they refer to CyberPlat®. Our Regional Representatives do not have to be our Dealers as well.

A Regional representative does not have to:

  1. Sign a contract with Dealers (whose outlets receive payments).
  2. Keep the amount, required for operation of a CyberPlat® Dealer, on CyberPlat® account(s).
  3. Organize own cash acceptance outlets (rent space, hire staff, etc.).
  4. Organize a sub-dealer cash acceptance network (contracts with third companies, cash collection, money transfers).
  5. Be responsible with own funds for payments, being accepted and processed by other companies.
  6. Accept payments from Operators' and Providers' customers.

In order to start operation, a regional Representative should:

  1. Have an individual entrepreneur or legal entity status.
  2. Sign an Agency Agreement with CyberPlat® payment processing system.

Obligations of a Regional Representative

  1. Search for trade and service outlets (legal entities or individual entrepreneurs), wishing to start accepting payments. Dealer acquisition strategy is determined by the Regional Representative independently.
  2. Inform potential dealers of CyberPlat® system advantages and convenience of communicating with it through the Internet.
  3. Assist Dealers in course of registration.
  4. Consult Dealers on issues of optimization of payment acceptance process and correct work with CyberPlat® system.
  5. Provide monthly reports on subscribed Dealers.
  6. Sign Monthly Work Completion Certificates (List of Dealers, subscribed during the past month).

CYBERPLAT provides the Regional representative with the power of attorney for abovementioned activities.

Dealers and the Regional Representative receive their remunerations independently based on their agreements with CyberPlat®.


CYBERPLAT pays remunerations based on the agreement signed with the Regional Representative. The remunerations, paid to the Regional Representative, are 0.1% from the amount of monthly payments, accepted by a Dealer.

Remuneration amount is not limited. Everything depends on the abilities and actions of the Regional Representative.

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