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Partnership revenue sharing through attracting new Mobile Network Operator (up to 5% of Net Revenue)

Connecting CyberPlat to a new MNO by our partner means:

  1. Acquaintance with the top-management of the MNO,
  2. Assistance in negotiating and signing an agreement for online flexible top-up
  3. Assistance in creating a payment gateway according to CyberPlat technology.

After completing connection to the MNO, CyberPlat will connect the retail network by itself. Eventually, the revenue collected for the MNO will reach, for example, $1bn.

The MNO usually sells prepaid cards with the discount of 6-10%. CyberPlat should receive commission for the top up revenue collection at the rate of not less than the discount for prepaid cards. CyberPlat will pay to the retail network the commission at the rate of the commission received from the MNO less 1 percent.

Therefore, CyberPlat will retain 1% margin. With total turnover of $1bn, its net revenue will be $10 mln per year.

Therefore, the commission of CyberPlat's partner who will connect CyberPlat to this new MNO will be 5% of the Net Revenue of CyberPlat, i.e. will amount to $500 000 every year, as long as the contract with the MNO is valid.

Connecting CyberPlat to a new MNO by our partner means

Send your proposals of cooperation to

Sagereistrasse 33, 8152 Opfikon, Zürich, Switzerland

+41 (44) 810 01 74

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