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March 24, 2008

CyberPlat® started accepting payments for housing and public utilities in favor of PIK Group

The largest in Russia payment system CyberPlat has been creating an alternative system of accepting payments for utilities and municipal building-maintenance services for over two and a half years.

The Russian system of payments for utility services formed and developed way back in the Soviet times, which has been carried out in the branches of Sberbank (and presently in branches of other banks), is inconvenient for the population. The bank branches do not work round-the-clock and every day; they are located in places convenient not for people but for the bank.

CyberPlat develops an infrastructure of housing and public utilities payments in two directions: on the one hand, by increasing the number of payment acceptance outlets (hence, the density of the territory coverage and accessibility of these outlets for the population), and, on the other hand, by expanding the acceptance geographically.

Currently, only in Moscow 13 thousand of outlets accept housing and public utilities payments. For example, utility payments are accepted in the network of mobile shops Svyaznoy, Dixis, Evroset, and other retailer networks. Compare: in Addresses of Moscow reference-book — one of the most complete directories in the city — there are registered less than 3000 of banking institutions of all types located in the capital and its region, including extra offices and operating cash desks.

Housing and public utilities and electricity can already be paid for via CyberPlat® in St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Yakutsk, Ulyanovsk, Penza, Chita, Yekaterinburg and a number of cities in the Moscow Region. Thus, CyberPlat® creates a payment infrastructure of paying for utilities and municipal building-maintenance services.

The new stage implemented by CyberPlat® is accepting payments for maintenance service of the PIK Group houses, such as Krylatskiye Ogni, club house on Filippovskiy Pereulok (Filippovskiy sidestreet) and many others. This is a new trend in the development of CyberPlat®. Following it the payment infrastructure is also applied to the housing space, built and maintained by private investors.

The residents of the houses built and maintained by the GC PIK have obtained a possibility to pay for the and public utilities services fast, convenient and without standing in lines at any payment outlet, connected to the CyberPlat payment system.

The total residential floor area of the GC PIK objects, which tenants are now able to pay for the utility services via CyberPlat®, comprises 1.5 million square meters.

CyberPlat® develops in its social targeting. We create such conditions when collection of payments for the utilities and municipal building-maintenance services increases and hereby we make life for payers easier. We believe that a developed payment infrastructure is an important part of the public and housing utilities reform. Without this part the numerous trends of the reform simply will not work.” — General Director of CyberPlat OJSC, Andrey Gribov, remarked

CYBERPLAT OJSC is the leading Russian Internet company offering its services in the e-commerce segment, including payment processing and secure on-line document interchange. The company’s product CyberPlat®, the universal multibank integrated internet-payment system, is the absolute leader in the payment acceptance market. Currently, the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network consists of over 164 000 points of sale, accepting cash payments for the benefit of leading telecommunication service providers, commercial television and numerous other service providers nation-wide, including Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele2, NTV-Plus and many others. The total turnover of the system amounted to 120.7 billion rubles (or 4.74 billion US dollars) in 2007. The CyberPlat® electronic payment processing system is the member of GSM Association. BDO Unicom is the official auditor of CyberPlat®.

PIK Group of companies was established in 1994 and it is a leading Russian developer in the sphere of real estate. GC PIK focuses of the project in Moscow and in the Moscow region and actively develops projects in other Russian regions. The principal activity of the company is development, building construction and sales of residential real estate, mainly in the segment of mass accommodation. In 2004-2006 GC PIK built over 2.5 million square meters of residential real estate (more than 36 thousand apartments) in Russia. In 2007 the group built 1,542 million square meters of accommodation.

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