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May 26, 2008

Platina Bank and CyberPlat offer a universal financial product: Card+Web+Mobile+Economy

By their fifteenth anniversary Platina Bank and the largest Russian payment system CyberPlat are entering a new market. A new personal product based on the payment card of Platina Bank is offered to individuals.

The personal financial “all-in-one” product Card+Web+Mobile+Economy combines a VISA Electron Instant Issue bank card, a possibility to pay online for the whole range of services offered by the CyberPlat payment system using the Internet TopUp.Ru Service (, as well as a possibility to perform similar payments from a mobile telephone supporting the Java application.

Using the personal financial “all-in-one” product Card+Web+Mobile+Economy allows to make payments distantly in favour of the leading operators of mobile and fixed-line communication, commercial television and the Internet, security alarm systems, pay for the utility services, buy air-tickets and many others. The total number of organizations which services can be paid within the project via the CyberPlat payment system exceeds 300.

By saving Time you usually waste Money and vice versa. With the card of the personal financial product Card+Web+Mobile+Economy you save both Time and Money.

When a client pays for the services with use of the personal financial product Card+Web+Mobile+Economy, he/she is usually offered a 1% discount from the amount of payment with the exception of utility payments. On utility payments the discount comprises 0.5%.

The personal financial product Card+Web+Mobile+Economy is, first of all, a payment bank card which can be used like any regular payment card for making purchases in the stores, paying for the services in the enterprises, withdrawing cash from ATM. The card is issued free of charge and is deemed a Visa Electron Instant Issue card of the international payment system VISA.

A specific feature of the bank card, as of a part of the product, is that it can be topped up via the Platina Bank payment terminals located in the offices of MTS and Beeline, as well as in the mobile retailer shops of Euroset, Dixis and others.

After registering the card in the CyberPlat payment system it is possible to use the enhanced possibilities of the personal financial product for making payments via Internet at the web-site or from the mobile telephone.

The process of registration for the users of the personal financial product Card+Web+Mobile+Economy is not difficult. It is described in detail in the manual, which is inside the packing.

After registration the user can visit the website, choose a payment (mobile communication, fixed-line communication, utility payments, TV and the Internet, security alarm systems, bank payments) and a payee — one out of more than 300 operators working with the CyberPlat system. Besides, it is possible to formalize and execute a common payment order to the address of any payee who has a bank account. The payment is carried out practically in no time.

If a user has a mobile telephone or a smartphone supporting Java, it is possible to install a special Java application (from website into the handset, create and register personal keys. After that one can make payments directly from the handset using a simple and plain user interface.

The personal financial “all-in-one” product Card+Web+Mobile+Economy is promoted via retailer networks. For the Platina Bank and the CyberPlat payment system it is the first mass, standard and so called “box” product. The user receives a card, a user manual and an application fill-in paper for issuing a card in a single packing.

The personal financial “all-in-one” product” Card+Web+Mobile+Economy is a new implementation of the CyberPlat payment system possibilities, which have been existing already for ten years. CyberPlat allows the Platina Bank to offer its clients a new service. This service is profitable for the bank and convenient for the clients — and, therefore, there will be more clients. It is important that a similar service which is now being promoted by the Platina Bank jointly with CyberPlat can be offered to the other banks as well, which will allow to increase their operating revenue. We are happy to introduce this product by the fifteenth anniversary of the Platina Bank, the settlement bank of the CyberPlat system”, — the General Director of CYBERPLAT OJSC, Andrey Gribov, stated.

Platina Commercial Bank was established on October 30, 1992, in Moscow, registered by Central Bank of Russian Federation on May, 20, 1993 (general license of Bank of Russia, No. 2347). The bank is a member of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, "Russia" Association. The Platina bank is also a member of SWIFT and the international payment systems — VISA (Principal Member) and MasterCard. The bank has its own processing center, certified by the VISA International payment system. The Platina bank participates in deposit insurance system. Bank statutory fund comprises 63.03 mln rubles; shareholders' equity as of May 1, 2008 amounts to 435 mln rubles. The assets as of May 1, 2008 comprised 4.2 bln rubles. The Platina bank is a settlement bank of its own integrated payment system — CyberPlat (

CYBERPLAT OJSC is the leading Russian Internet company offering its services in the e-commerce segment, including payment processing and secure on-line document interchange. The company’s product CyberPlat®, the universal multibank integrated internet-payment system, is the absolute leader in the payment acceptance market. Currently, the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network consists of over 170 000 points of sale, accepting cash payments for the benefit of leading telecommunication service providers, commercial television and numerous other service providers nation-wide, including Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele2, NTV-Plus and many others. The total turnover of the system amounted to 120.7 billion rubles (or 4.74 billion US dollars) in 2007. The CyberPlat® electronic payment processing system is the member of GSM Association. BDO Unicom is the official auditor of CyberPlat®.

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