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July 14, 2008

CyberPlat Expands Its Presence in Kazakhstan

All GSM operators in Kazakhstan are now linked to the CyberPlat electronic payment system.

CyberPlat has started to process payments for Kazakh GSM providers, GSM Kazakhstan LLP and Kazakhtelecom OJSC (Kcell and Activ brands) and Mobile Telecom Service LLP (NEO brand). Thus, mobile subscribers of the three GSM operators can make their payments via CyberPlat, the leading Kazakhstan payment system.

CyberPlat is the first electronic payment system in Kazakhstan. First payments to a mobile telephone operator were processed by it in April 2006.

In addition to GSM operators, other mobile providers, such as Internet providers, providers of paid TV services and satellite communications can accept payments via CyberPlat. CyberPlat makes payments possible across the borders, which is very convenient for Russian tourists using roaming in this country.

CyberPlat solutions ensure easy, convenient, and faster payments for telecom services in Kazakhstan. Subscribers have access to a wide chain of CyberPlat payment centers covering the entire country, being located almost everywhere: in stores, mobile phone outlets, gas stations, Kazpochta post offices, and others.

CyberPlat is extending its international business. As leaders in Beeline payment transfers, we have already received 2 awards for excellence from KaR-Tel (a Beeline brand) and we believe that we will make good partners with Kazakh GSM operators," says Andrew Gribov, CyberPlat CEO.

CyberPlat OJSC is a leading Russia-based Internet company engaged in e-commerce including electronic payments processing and secured online workflow. As an integrated broad-based multibank Internet system, CyberPlat is an absolute leader in payment processing. Currently, the CyberPlat network consists of nearly 190,000 locations accepting payments for telecom service providers across the country, including Beeline, MTS, Megaphone, Tele2, NTV-Plus and others. In 2007, it generated sales in the amount of $4.74 billion (120.7 billion rubles). CyberPlat is a member of the World GSM Association. An official auditor of CyberPlat is BDO Unicon.

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