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July 17, 2008

CyberPlat starts receiving payments in favor of Tricolor TV

The largest system of electronic payments Cybeplat starts receiving payments in favor of the leading space TV operator, Closed (Joint-Stock) Company “Natsionalnaya Sputnikovaya companiya” (Tricolor TV brand). Due to the cooperation of these two companies, 1.9 million of commercial subscribers can pay for digital Tricolor TV services via Cyberplat payment system.

All subscribers pay for chosen Tricolor TV services annually. Extremely low subscription prices (service packages “Optimum” – 600 rubles per year, “Nochnoy” – 500 rubles per year) provide the high number of paying subscribers. More then 1.9 million of people have subscribed for payable services from May 2007, and this number is growing rapidly (the total number of payable subscribers of Tricolor TV is more then 2.5 million).

Earlier, the subscriber had to buy a payment card from a dealer and activate it through the Internet.

Now Tricolor TV subscribers can appreciate the convenience of CyberPlat: chain stores, post offices, banking offices, cash machines and terminals of CyberPlat are available almost everywhere in Russia.

The CEO of OJSC “CyberPlat” Vladimir Kuznetsov says: «Cooperation with Tricolor TV is another step to widen the spectrum of our services provided to citizens of the Russian Federation by CyberPlat. Digital TV is a very important thing for our country, and we help people to obtain the access to it.»

OJSC “CyberPlat” is a leading Internet company of the Russian Federation. The company provides services in the area of electronic commerce, including the payments processing and on-line circulation of secret documents. The product of company is the absolute leader in the market of payment reception – the universal multi-bank integrated system of payments through the internet “CyberPlat”. At present, the CyberPlat payment reception network consists of approximately 190,000 points of services that accept cash payments in favor of the leading cellular services providers, commercial TV and other services providers, including Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele2, NTV-plus and many others. In 2007 the network turnover was RUB120.7 billion. The CyberPlat electronic payment system is a member of the world-wide GSM Association. The official auditor of CyberPlat is BDO Unicode.

Closed Joint Stock Company “NSK” (Tricolor TV) is an operator that provides payable TV services to the greatest number of subscribers in Russia – over 2.5 million of subscribers in 79 regions. The NSK, Tricolor TV Center and Tricolor TV Siberia projects include more than 30 space TV channels, including basic free-of-charge federal channels, which is arouse an immense interest of the provincials and people from distant areas of Russia, where the analog TV reception is suppressed.

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