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August 19, 2008

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW jointly with CYBERPLAT started to implement the project on creating a network of self-service terminals

Another largest Russian bank, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW, was connected to the CyberPlat payment system. Thanks to this fact, its customers are now able to pay for the services of more than 300 large companies, including operators of mobile and fixed line telecommunication, public utility and power supply enterprises, Internet-providers, commercial television and many other things. The Bank has an opportunity to derive additional revenues by means of rendering its customers a wider range of services.

Within the scope of its cooperation with the CyberPlat payment system, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW plans to deploy a network of terminals, numbering 1000 devices, by the end of 2008. In prospect, all payment opportunities which are available in the Bank’s terminals will be provided to the customers in the ATMs as well. Currently, CBM has about 100 ATMs.

As a result of the project implementation the number of CBM’s points of presence as of the end of 2009 will approximate to 1300. Outside the branches of the Bank, the terminals will be placed in trade centers, entertainment complexes, and supermarkets.

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was among the first to build its own strategy of expanding the retail business with due consideration of opportunities which are given to it through connection to the CyberPlat payment system. Owing to the fact that it creates a network of terminals, the Bank is now able to render the most demanding retails services to the maximum number of customers. Concurrently, it minimizes expenses on the development of the retail network.“  — the Executive Director of CyberPlat OJSC, Vladimir Kuznetsov, stated.

CYBERPLAT OJSC is the leading Russian Internet company offering its services in the e-commerce segment, including payment processing and secure online document interchange. The company’s product CyberPlat®, the universal multibanking integrated internet-payment system, is the absolute leader in the payment acceptance market. Currently, the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network consists of more than 200,000 points of sale, accepting cash payments for the benefit of leading telecommunication service providers, commercial television and numerous service providers nation-wide, including Beeline, MTS, MegaFon, Tele2, NTV-Plus and many others. The total turnover of the system comprised 120.7 billion rubles (or 4.74 billion US dollars) in 2007. The CyberPlat electronic payment processing system is the member of GSM World Association. BDO Unicom is the official auditor of CyberPlat®.

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (CBM) OJSC was established in 1992. General license No 1978. Concern ROSSIUM LLC is the sole shareholder of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW. The ultimate beneficiary of CBM is an individual  — Roman Ivanovich Avdeev who currently holds an appointment as the Chairman of the Board — Chief Executive. Today CBM is a universal financial institution providing a complete range of banking services. The Bank is a part of the deposit insurance system since 2004. The territorial network of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW continuously grows. Presently, the Bank has more than 40 offices in Moscow and Moscow region at its disposal. It also has branches in the cities of Tula, Ryazan, Vladimir. CBM is among the top hundred of the largest banks in the country in the size of the assets which comprised 44.9 billion rubles as of July 01, 2008.

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