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January 19, 2009

CyberPlat® breaks through the line of 400,000 payment acceptance outlets

During all ten years of operation, the CyberPlat payment system was been outrunning within the relevant market and it will continue to hold its leading position emphasizing novelty and innovations in the field of electronic financial payments. This will enable the system to keep the rate of growth of the payment acceptance network and to increase the financial indicators.

The number of payment acceptance outlets connected to the CyberPlat® payment system in the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries has exceeded 230,000 outlets. A unique coverage density in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries makes effecting payments convenient and comfortable for the users of CyberPlat® and considerably saves their time.

Such a stable and dynamic business growth became possible due to connection to the CyberPlat® payment system of a network of payment terminals, retailer and dealer companies, as well as branches, ATMs and affiliates of numerous banks. More specifically, a number of largest Russian banks – Rosselkhozbank, Bank of Moscow, TransCreditBank, Credit Bank of Moscow and many others - became members of the CyberPlat® system in 2008.

Thanks to cooperation with the world leader in the field on money transfer – company Western Union – the CyberPlat® payment system also ensures payment acceptance through 170,000 outlets in the vast majority of countries in the world. In order to find the nearest Western Union office, where the Quick Pay bill payment service is rendered, it only takes pressing the word “Location” on the following website:

Therefore, the total number of payment acceptance outlets, serviced by the CyberPlat® payment system comprised 400,000 by the beginning of 2009. Today the CyberPlat® payment system has the largest in Russia and CIS countries and a largest in the world payment acceptance network.

The leading positions of the CyberPlat® payment system are determined by the constant perfection of the quality of its services rendered to the customers. The partners of the CyberPlat® payment system are mainly large companies with a steadily growing turnover and a high level of technological and corporate culture.

More than 10 years ago, the CyberPlat® payment acceptance system created a market of electronic payments in Russia. At the next stage of its innovative development the CyberPlat® company established and developed a payment infrastructure in the CIS countries. As a result, our payment acceptance system has currently become the largest one in Russia and the CIS countries. Having entered in alliance with the world leader among money transfer systems, company Western Union, the CyberPlat® company became the first Russian payment system of global significance carrying out its electronic payment business at the transnational level. This gives the subscribers of the Russian telecommunication operators an opportunity to stay in touch always and everywhere. The CyberPlat® payment acceptance system was the first one among the other members of the market to break through the line of 400,000 payment acceptance outlets having so proved its leading position in the electronic commerce market. In the future the CyberPlat® company plans to considerably expand the scope and the geography of its business” — states Andrey Gribov, President & CEO of CYBERPLAT OJSC.

CYBERPLAT OJSC is the leading Russian Internet company offering its services in the e-commerce segment, including payment processing and secure online document interchange. The company’s product CyberPlat®, the versatile multibanking integrated internet-payment system, is the absolute leader in the payment acceptance market. Currently, the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network consists of approximately 400,000 points of sale worldwide, accepting cash payments for the benefit of the leading telecommunication service providers, commercial television and numerous service providers, including Beeline, MTS, MegaFon, Tele2, NTV-Plus and many others. The total turnover of the system comprised 120.7 billion rubles in 2007. The CyberPlat® electronic payment processing system is the member of GSM World Association. BDO Unicon is the official auditor of CyberPlat®.

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