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April 28, 2010

CyberPlat® payment acceptance system introduced the possibility of payment acceptance in favour of Russian road police (STSI - State Traffic Safety Inspectorate)

As a result, the Russian citizens obtain an opportunity of making payments in favour of STSI - Russian road police - not only at the 45,000 bank branches, but in another 250,000 payment acceptance outlets of CyberPlat® - the largest in Russia and the CIS countries payment acceptance system – no queues, fast and comfortable.

Partners of CyberPlat®, the largest in Russia payment acceptance system by the scope of its network, have obtained an opportunity to organize payment acceptance in favour of STSI. Even today, a specially developed payment gateway in CyberPlat® system allows making payments in favour of STSI of 70 out of 83 regions of the Russian Federation. In the nearest future, this service will cover all subjects of the Russian Federation.

In order to make a payment in favour of STSI, a client only needs to visit a payment acceptance outlet of the CyberPlat® network or use a cash-in terminal connected to CyberPlat® system. Both a cashier of a retail network, that is a partner to the payment system, and a particular terminal should be connected to the service of payment acceptance in favour of STSI.

The payer specifies to the cashier or inputs on the terminal’s screen their first, middle (patronymic), and last names, address, as well as the name of the STSI branch that imposed the fine or issued a payment bill, the branch’s OKATO number (All-Russian Classifier of Administrative Subdivisions), bill’s number and date of payment. After that, the payer chooses and ticks the type of payment - a fine, a vehicle registration payment or receipt of driving license, etc. Then the client defines the amount of payment. Upon paying the corresponding amount at the cashier’s or through a terminal, the client gets a receipt.

The service on payment acceptance in favour of STSI, introduced by CyberPlat® payment system will also be performing a most important national mission for collectability of fines. According to STSI, this figure is within 30-45% depending on the region. Additional fiscal revenues will allow solving the most important social issues of the State and society more effectively.

Changes in legislation enabled us with faster connection of new payees to the system and let us provide for faster development in our country of a new financial infrastructure intended for processing small payments. The new features not only create additional conveniences for payers but also open new prospects for developing the payment acceptance business for our partners – both large retail and terminal networks,” – stated Andrey Gribov, President & CEO, CyberPlat OJSC.

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