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May 11, 2010

Payments through CyberPlat® start being accepted in the network of self-service terminals of Russian Standard Bank CJSC located in Euroset mobile shops

CyberPlat® payment system served as integrator and technological partner in the project for organization of payment acceptance in the network of almost 2,000 self-service terminals located in Euroset mobile shops in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Thus, practically in every Euroset shop, the customers are offered an opportunity to make online payments fast and without queues, including payments in favour of Russian Standard Bank that are made to repay loans, and refill deposit and card accounts.

The total list of recipients of the CyberPlat® payment system consists of 1,500 providers in Russia and CIS countries including all major cellular and fixed-line communication companies, cable TV providers, companies providing wire-line and mobile Internet access, security alarm systems, as well as public utility and power supply network companies in nearly all regions of the Russian Federation.

The new project implemented with active participation of the CyberPlat® payment system’s experts consolidates and expands the cooperation of the technological leader in the domestic online payments market and the largest player in the market of consumer crediting – Russian Standard Bank CJSC. As far back as August of the previous year, Russian Standard Bank started using CyberPlat® to accept payments in favour of various service providers in its branches and ATM network. Later, in December of the previous year, the Bank’s customers were introduced an opportunity to make payments on loans or refill the accounts maintained by the Bank at any retail outlet or payment terminal connected to this service in the CyberPlat® system. In the beginning of 2010, branches of Russian Standard Bank started to operate the Money Transfer Systems Integrator developed by the CyberPlat® company. This product allows to operate a great number of the most popular money transfer systems using a single interface.

The use of our technologies and advanced developments is able to sharply increase the role of Russian Standard Bank in the Russian banking market. The capabilities of our payment system, which have been greatly enhanced after modification of banking laws, practically allow to turn payment terminals into bank mini-offices, and thus, considerably enhance the possibilities of operations in the retail banking market having literally reached each potential customer,” - considers Andrey Gribiv, President&CEO, CyberPlat OJSC.

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