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August 2, 2010

MTS recognized CyberPlat® as the most secure processing system by the results of a complex monitoring of its major payment acceptance partners

As a result of testing various payment acceptance systems regularly carried out by the specialists of an independent expert company, CyberPlat® payment system has been recognized as the most secure processing system. MTS has awarded CyberPlat® with a diploma.

In order to improve the mechanism of settlements with clients, MTS – the leading Russian telecommunications operator – carries out a continuous monitoring of the payment systems’ performance. As part of the monitoring, specialists from the center of expertise make round-the-clock test payments in favour of MTS through different payment systems.

In determining the degree of reliability of payment systems, the experts take into account such indicators of performance as the rapidity of transactions, the number and duration of the system malfunctions for a certain time interval. CyberPlat® payment system is recognized as the best one by all the above-mentioned criteria.

Processing of the CyberPlat® payment system is traditionally notable for its high standards of rapidity, reliability and security of financial transactions. Thanks to regular upgrade of the technological platform, the system is presently capable of processing more than 1,300 financial transactions per second - this indicator, which is a record figure for Russia, provides more than a ten-fold margin with respect to the current system’s operating load levels.

Such unprecedented productivity is complemented by absolute safety of financial transactions. While making one transaction, the system performs up to 16 operations, authenticated with an electronic digital signature and made with the use of secure methods of transmitting data via the Internet, including checking of the availability of customers’ telephone numbers or personal accounts in the billing systems of service providers, identification and authorization of payment acceptance outlets, and other operations.

This technology provides absolute security of financial transactions and minimizes the number of erroneous payments. For the 12 years of operation, there has not been a single case of hacking a transaction in the CyberPlat ® system.

By such criteria as reliability and failure-free operation, the CyberPlat® system also has no equals in the Russian market of electronic payments. The capabilities of CyberPlat® significantly outrun the most rigid technical requirements of the payment acceptance market by all parameters - the fault tolerance indicator of the system exceeds that of the closest competitors several times. Such high indicators of the system’s reliability are determined by several factors.

Firstly, CyberPlat® payment system is based on two GRID-connected and geographically dispersed processing centers. Such architecture of the payment system’s operation provides high fault tolerance of CyberPlat® and its independence from the majority of force-majeure circumstances.

Secondly, the CyberPlat® payment system places the highest demands on the software which guarantees high quality and performance of the system as a whole.

Thirdly, the CyberPlat® payment system has been successfully operating for over 12 years. During that time, it has been debugged and optimized; all of its major modules have been completed and smoothed.

Currently, the Russian market of electronic payments, with our company as the originator, constitutes a vital part of the financial infrastructure of the country and provides rapid development of innovative technologies in Russia. The stability of meeting the information needs of millions of citizens depends on reliability of financial transactions. This is precisely why, from the very beginning of our payment system’s development, we paid special attention to developing the technological base and to guaranteed provision of such basic performance indicators as rapidity, reliability, fault tolerance and security of effecting the payments. This strategy is completely justified, as evidenced by the recognition of our achievements in this avenue by the partners - the leading high-tech companies of the country," - stated Andrey Gribov, President & CEO, CyberPlat OJSC.

Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS) is the leading telecom operator in Russia and CIS countries. The consolidated subscriber base of the company comprises 98.82 million of subscribers. The population in 82 regions of Russia, as well as in Armenia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, where MTS and its subsidiaries have licenses for rendering services in the GSM standard, makes more than 230 million people. MTS has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker MBT since June, 2000. In 2010, for the third year in succession, MTS was recognized as the most expensive Russian brand among the top 100 world brands from BRANDZ™, a ranking published by the Financial Times and Millward Brown, a leading international research agency. Additional information about the company is available at:

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