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August 10, 2010

EUROSET mobile shops offer a convenient and fast way of paying for utilities using the payment system CyberPlat®

The technological leader in the Russian market of electronic payments CyberPlat® and the largest domestic mobile retailer Euroset implemented a unique project providing customers with absolutely unprecedented level of convenience and speed of servicing while making all types of regular payments - for housing and communal services, power supply, fixed and long-distance telecommunication - with use of the bar-code technology. In the nearest future, this channel of accepting utility bills is capable of making a serious competition to traditional methods of making payments at Sberbank and Russian Post.

In order to make a payment, it is enough to show the receipt with a bar code to the cashier in a Euroset store. The commission fee for this service at Euroset will make 2 % from the payment amount. The payment procedure will take less than 5 minutes. The amount is credited to the account of housing and communal services companies within 2 days. Currently, the described technology allows to pay for utilities (receipt of EIRZ (Uniform Information and Payments Center)), electric power ("Mosenergosbyt" (Moscow power sale)), landline communication, and long-distance calls (MGTS and Rostelecom).

The payments can be made at the cash desks of more than 650 Moscow stores of Euroset. The use of bar code reduces the time for servicing the customers which is very important both for payers, and for the retail chain.

Branches of Sberbank and Russian Post have been traditional outlets for accepting payments for the utility services, - says Victor Lukanin, Commercial Vice-President of Euroset - Now, that the service is available in the stores of Euroset, it will be even more convenient and faster for our customer. Euroset is planning to test the system's work in Moscow and Moscow Region before September 2010, and then the services will be launched in the majority of Russian cities and large localities. After a large-scale start-up, the turnover of Euroset from accepting payments for the services of housing and utilities companies may amount to more than 500 million rubles per month.

Payment of utility bills in the retail is advantageous for everyone. Sberbank branches are relieved from the queues and the payers - from the necessity of standing idle in them, sometime for hours, and the retail obtains new customers due to growth of the footfall in their sales outlets," - noted Andrey Gribov, President & CEO, CyberPlat OJSC.

EUROSET is the largest company operating in the handset retail market and a leading dealer of the major telecommunication operators. The principal lines of the company's activities are retail sale of cellular phones, digital photo cameras, personal audio systems, accessories, connection to telecommunication operators.

The company's stores present technical novelties in the market of cellular telephones, portable and digital appliances, as well as a variety of additional services. Currently, Euroset offers purchasing and payment for air tickets, fines issued by GIBDD (Russian traffic police), housing and utility services, tours, tickets to entertaining and sporting evens, as well as make subscription payments for satellite television, loan repayments, set up equipment, and much more. More detailed information is available at At present, the network of the company includes more than 4,300 stores located in 1373 cities and towns of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belorussia.

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