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August 17, 2010

A gateway for online payments to the benefit of Faberlic is open in the CyberPlat® payment acceptance network

The terms of accepting payments to the benefit of Faberlic, one of the leaders in the Russian cosmetics and perfumery market, have been considerably improved due to use of the payment infrastructure of CyberPlat®.

Connection of a direct gateway to the accounting system of one of the most popular cosmetic companies creates new and more comfortable for both dealers and payers terms of accepting payments and seriously increases the turnover on this operator.

Upon introduction of the new gateway into operation, the procedure of making payments to the benefit of Faberlic will be performed in the real time mode. New features have been implemented in the entire client software of CyberPlat® - in payments modules for cashiers and PCs, in software for self-service terminals.

Connection of a gateway to the accounting systems of such a popular supplier of goods as Faberlic, creates new opportunities as for our partners, so for the customers of one of the leaders in the cosmetics market. We constantly monitor the new trends and actively expand the range of suppliers of goods and services that form the consumer demand in various segments,” – noted Vladimir Kuznetsov, Executive Director, CyberPlat OJSC.

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