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August 31, 2010

VISA virtual cards from CyberPlat® can be used to pay for Skype, PayPal, iTunes,, and air- and railway tickets

CyberPlat® payment system offers an opportunity of obtaining VISA virtual cards for making payments through the Internet

As a result of starting a new project, VISA virtual cards of Platina Bank, the settlement bank of CyberPlat® payment system, are beginning to spread through payment terminals and retail chains. VISA virtual cards were created specially for payments and purchases through the Internet.

Virtual VISA cards will be extremely useful for the category of the population which holds and actively uses regular bank cards but quite reasonably considers that payments through the Internet are transactions with a high degree of risk.

Also, such cards will allow effecting payment transactions through the Internet to users who are not holders of regular bank cards. Those are citizens who have no bank account, as well as young people under the age of 16 years old who are legally restricted in the possibility of obtaining regular credit cards. At the same time, it is young people who constitute a significant part of the Internet users and need to make small but regular payments through the Internet.

The holders of VISA virtual cards can use them to pay for services of popular worldwide network services Skype, iTunes and Google, to make purchases through the systems eBay, Paypal, and in numerous online stores such as '', as well as to pay for computer games - PlayStation, World of Warcraft and other. Using a VISA virtual card one can buy tickets through the websites of air companies and travel agencies, as well as purchase railway tickets through the website of the Russian Railways ("RZhD") and many other things.

VISA virtual cards can be purchased at the cashiers' of retail outlets or through payment terminals connected to CyberPlat® system. For this purpose, the customer tells the cashier or dials on the display of a payment terminal their mobile phone number. CyberPlat® payment system checks the availability of such a number in the accounting system of the telecommunications operator and provides a confirmation of a virtual card issuance transaction. Then the customer pays the amount (from 300 to 15,000 roubles) which will make the nominal value of the new card and within which the customer can further make payments through the Internet. After that, an SMS message with the details of the VISA virtual card is sent to the mobile phone which number was specified by the client.

The balance of funds not expended after the expiration of the card will automatically be transferred to an existing or specially opened customer account within the service "Payment Book CyberPlat®", available at These funds can be further used for settlements with a wide range of service providers, including mobile network operators.

The new product is of high interest to the partners of CyberPlat® payment system - the popularity of virtual cards for payments through the Internet rapidly increases, along with expanding of the range of goods and services offered in the global network.

Platina Bank's fee for issuing VISA virtual cards comprises 3.5% of its nominal value (not less than 25 roubles). This fee is divided between Platina Bank, CyberPlat® payment system, and the dealer who completed the card issuance. In addition, the dealer has the right to charge an extra commission fee for the issuance of virtual cards.

VISA virtual card is an advanced and secure solution for making payments and purchases through the Internet which we have implemented taking into account the serious growth of this market segment," - noted Andrey Gribov, President & CEO, CyberPlat®.

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