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September 23, 2010

Payments by free requisites of CyberPlat® – payments for any goods or services

Cash-desks of business enterprises and terminals connected to the CyberPlat® payment system allow making payments for goods, works, services, taxes and fees, as well as for replenishing bank accounts – given that the payer knows the banking details of the beneficiary

Citizens are gradually getting used to the provided by the CyberPlat® system opportunity to perform regular payments that are literally made “on the fly”, thus saving both time and energy. Usually, those are regular payments to the benefit of various service providers - mobile and fixed-line telephony, Internet providers and commercial television, utility and power supply companies.

The vast majority of the largest service providers in Russia and CIS countries are partners to CyberPlat® - the largest by scale payment system, which dealer network consists of more than 250,000 service outlets in Russia and CIS countries. All leading providers are registered in the payment system, and CyberPlat® has gateways to their billing systems, which allows to make payments under a simplified for the customer procedure - with minimum data to be filled in on the screen of the payment terminal or reported to the cashier in the sales area, in most cases - on-line.

However, the market has thousands of businesses, specializing in providing various services - in the spheres of housing and public utilities and power supply, local Internet and cable TV providers, security companies and paid parking, child daycare centres and private clinics - that are regularly used by millions of Russian citizens. In addition, any person makes regular tax and other payments to the budget, pays all sorts of fees and charges. For such transactions and payments to companies not yet represented in the list of beneficiaries of CyberPlat®, a special technology of “payments by free requisites” has been developed.

In order to make a "payment by free requisites" one only needs to know the banking details of the provider or institution - the beneficiary. This service is very easy to use - one should select the type of payment, fill in the beneficiary’s bank details and confirm the operation.

Payments "by free requisites" are available not only in the payment acceptance system CyberPlat®, but also for the users of "Payment Book CyberPlat" - this service provides the ability to save details of such payments, which simplifies further operations reducing them to adjustment of the amount, if required.

Payments by free requisites in our payment acceptance network are an excellent alternative to payments at bank branches. Citizens get rid of the necessity stand in the queues in the banks and obtain an opportunity of prompt payment for any legally permitted services of the retail business – literally, along with buying bread or milk in a supermarket,” – noted Andrey Gribov, President & CEO, CyberPlat OJSC.

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