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March 16, 2011

CyberPlat® payment system will ensure payment acceptance of GIBDD (Traffic police) fines through cash-in payment terminals in the network of Svyaznoy mobile shops

It has now become possible to pay traffic infraction fines through the cash-in payment terminals located in the network of Svyaznoy shops and connected to the CyberPlat® payment system. This fact creates a possibility of paying fines issued by any territorial unit of GIBDD (Russian traffic police) at any Svyaznoy shop located in any locality in Russia.

In order to pay a fine, the customer puts in on the display of a cash-in payment terminal their full name, OKATO code and the tax payer ID number (INN) of the GIBDD unit that registered the fine, as well as the number and date of action. Then the customer inserts the fine amount in the cash acceptor of the cash-in payment terminal and gets a receipt for the effected payment.

As a result of introducing a new service, Russian citizens will obtain an opportunity to pay the GIBDD fines without queues, quickly and comfortably, and in places of a walking distance, i.e. in the shops of the Svyaznoy retail network. This will also enable the state to increase budget revenues due to the increased collectability of fines, which will allow for more effective solution of the major social problems of the society and the state.

The integrated versatile multibanking payment system CyberPlat® was implemented to accept payments to the benefit of various service providers through cashiers and cash-in payment terminals in all shops of the Svyaznoy network. For more than 10 years, the system has been ensuring instant transfer of subscriber's funds paid through the cashiers and cash-in payment terminals in the network of Svyaznoy shops to their mobile phone accounts, as well as payments for the fixed-line communication, utility services, Internet, commercial television and many other things.

The possibility of paying GIBDD fines at the Svyaznoy shops will significantly increase the customer flow and revenues — as through the growth of turnover of the core business, so through the growth of the fee revenue derived from payment acceptance. Currently, the sales outlets of the retail networks which cooperate with our payment system are becoming a real alternative to bank branches — citizens can make virtually all regular payments here and the customer service rate in the retail trade is considerably higher than that in the bank branches,» — noted Andrey Gribov, President & CEO, CyberPlat OJSC.

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