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April 19, 2011

Implementation of information and technology interaction with the tax services of Moscow Region will allow to dramatically simplify the online payment of taxes by individuals in the payment acceptance network of CyberPlat®

The project was launched under the agreement between Platina Bank, the settlement bank of CyberPlat® payment system, and the Offices of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the city of Moscow and Moscow region. The new service is focused on improving the convenience of making tax payments by individuals and ultimately will cover the whole country.

The project is being implemented in accordance with the resolution of the Government Commission for implementation of information technologies in the activity of state bodies and local authorities and focuses on optimization of the electronic technology for payments by citizens in favour of territorial bodies of the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

Platina Bank and CyberPlat® payment system were selected by the Offices of the Federal Tax Service in the city of Moscow and Moscow Region as the priority partners by virtue of the gained experience in developing and implementation of the most advanced solutions in the financial field that are based on the achievements of high technologies.

As a result of the project implementation, citizens will be able to quickly and comfortably pay for all kinds of state duties, income taxes, transport, water and land taxes, individual property tax and many other things. The complete list of possible payments by individuals is available at .

In order to make a tax payment, one will not have to stand in long queues, find the time to visit the bank since banks’ business hours often coincide with the working time of the major part of the population. Citizens will be able to make tax payments at their convenience in one out of many outlets of the broad marketing network of CyberPlat® payment system in Moscow and Moscow region.

In order to make a payment in favour of the Federal Tax Service, it is enough for a customer to visit a payment acceptance outlet of the CyberPlat® network or use a payment terminal connected to the CyberPlat® system. In this case, the cashier of the retail chain or the payment terminal must be connected to the service of accepting payments in favour of the Federal Tax Service offices in the city of Moscow and Moscow region.

The payer names to the cashier or puts in on the screen of the terminal the number of the payment document which was provided by the tax service and determines the payment amount. Such a simplification of the tax payment procedure, when it is enough to input only two data types to make online payments, has no parallel in the market.

If a payer does not have the entire amount, he can pay the invoice by installments and at different payment acceptance outlets at any time. Upon paying the relevant amount to a cashier or through a payment terminal, the customer gets a receipt for the effected payment.

The feasibility of the online acceptance of payments made in favour of tax bodies with use of a minimum of input data, as well as in favour of other government agencies, will make communication of citizens with the government altogether much more convenient. Thereby, a major breakthrough in actualization of the «e-Government» concept will be achieved, which not only will increase the budget revenues and reduce costs for the maintenance of the state machine, but will also raise the level of citizens’ trust to the state institutions.

Platina Bank and CyberPlat® payment system have not been selected as partners in implementation of this important government project by accident — our best practices in the field of automation of business processes in the financial segment and in the activities of financial institutions and retailers are well known in the market. The largest in Russia and CIS countries, by the scale of its infrastructure, payment system CyberPlat® is currently the innovation leader in this sphere. We hope that the experience of technological innovations we have gained in the field of electronic payments will allow fast and effective implementation of the joint project with the Federal Tax Service in the Moscow Region,» — considers Andrey Gribov, President & CEO, Cyberplat OJSC.

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