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May 10, 2011

CyberPlat® payment acceptance network enables payment for Groupon service coupons

The largest payment acceptance network of the Russian payment system CyberPlat® enables an opportunity to pay for the services of Groupon company — a worldwide leader in the market of services for group discounts.

Groupon enters into contracts with companies offering to the population services for providing significant discounts to users of the Groupon’s service. As a result, the users of the service are able to enjoy various exclusive offers at a considerable discount — for example, to visit a restaurant, ride in a balloon, or use the spa facilities.

The coupons enabling the use of discounts on Groupon’s ordered services can be paid only through electronic payment systems. Under the signed agreement, Groupon's customers can comfortably and quickly pay for coupons for various events in a wide network of payment acceptance outlets connected to the CyberPlat® system. Crediting of funds to the account of the of Groupon’s service is carried out in the real time mode.

More than 1,500 service providers are registered in the Cyberplat® payment system, and they include all major companies of mobile and fixed-line communications, cable TV, providers of wired and mobile Internet access, alarm systems, housing and utility and power supply companies of almost all regions of the Russian Federation. The CyberPlat® payment system also enables to pay for taxes and duties, fines issued by traffic police (GIBDD), air and railway tickets, as well as replenish bank accounts with all Russian banks, personal retirement accounts, repay loans and send money transfers including cross-border money transfers.

Our company, in every possible way, promotes development of the market of new and promising business lines focused on the most active audience. The objective of CyberPlat® is to provide for comfortable and up-to-date living standards through the development of innovative financial services. Thanks to CyberPlat® payment system’s solutions, the comfort of using Groupon’s services will only increase, which will have positive influence on the company's further development", — gave his comment Vladimir Kuznetsov, Executive Director, CyberPlat OJSC

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