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December 21, 2011

Internet service « — the CyberPlat payment book» enables paying for utility services with the use of bank cards

As part of development of the Internet service « — the CyberPlat payment book», the largest Russian electronic payment system CyberPlat® provides another option to pay for utility services. For this group of payment recipients there has been developed a procedure for making payments by subscribers using bank cards of the leading international systems Visa and MasterCard.

It is not coincidence that a group of utility service companies was selected as the first recipients. These companies have a high degree of transparency and making payments in their favour is absolutely safe for customers, and further expansion in the number of operators is scheduled for the nearest future.

The company notes that the introduction of the functionality to work with bank cards provides subscribers with better alternatives for choosing sources of funds in order to make payments. To date, they could pay for services by writing off the Payment book balance only.

The CyberPlat payment book is oriented on the needs of our customers,» — says Andrey Gribov, CEO of the CyberPlat ® payment system. «Now, subscribers have a tool that enables them to pay bills, even in case of the absence of funds on the account of the Payment book. In addition to the fact that the service is available 24/7, our customers now can use bank cards as a payment means. Implementation of the new service makes us one step closer to achieving our stated goals.»

« — the CyberPlat Payment book» is an advanced and secure online service from the leading payment system CyberPlat ® for making payments for various services, international money transfers, loan repayments and online shopping (CyberPlat). Additional information is available at:

Sagereistrasse 33, 8152 Opfikon, Zürich, Switzerland

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