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March 27, 2014

CyberPlat® Offers a SWIFT-Standard Solution

In light of aggravation of the international situation there is a possibility of applying certain economic sanctions against Russia. In this case Russian banks’ access to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) may be blocked. Such a measure would have a negative impact on the ability of Russian banks to perform interbank settlements and conduct customer payments in foreign currency.

CyberPlat® offers Russian banks a ready debugged technology solution designed for financial information exchange in the SWIFT standard.

Using this Russian solution increases the stability of the Russian market of interbank settlements, strengthens the independence of the national financial system and reduces the possible negative impact of sanctions applied by various international financial institutions and regulators.

The efficient IT-solution of CyberPlat® provides banks with rapid and confidential telecommunication servicing protected from unauthorized access.

The CyberPlat® software product allows banks to transmit online financial messages in the SWIFT standard within a system of secure electronic document interchange. This unique solution provides the fast data transmission while maintaining privacy as well as the high reliability of information protection; it also reduces costs by minimizing losses and errors and optimizing bank operations.

As a minimum package, CyberPlat® offers an opportunity to exchange information messages between Russian correspondent banks on transactions in foreign currency within the system of electronic interbank financial messages.

The maximum package includes opening a correspondent account with the bank PLATINA, the settlement bank of the CyberPlat® electronic payment system, as well as performing full-fledged currency settlements in the real-time mode.

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