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February 4, 2005

In 2004 CyberPlat®'s leadership in the payment reception market strengthened

Cyberplat®'s turnover in 2004 was $459 million which is almost twice as much as the 2003 turnover ($159 million)

In 2004 CyberPlat®'s total turnover reached $ 459 million, which includes the total amount accepted for mobile operators, sat and cable TV networks and ISP's of $ 453 million. Thus CyberPlat® is not just the largest company in its sector it's also the fastest growing payment collection network.

One of Russia's first payment reception networks, CyberPlat®.com was created in 1997. The first payment was accepted for Vympelcom in August of 1998.

The total number of CyberPlat® outlets increased more than threefold in 2004 reaching 3280 by December of that year. This steady growth resulted from new retail chains, dealer chains, electronic terminal networks as well as banks and their subsidiaries joining the CyberPlat® network.

Thus in 2004 CyberPlat® launched a project to receipt payments through the largest metropolitan network of instant payment machines I-box as well as at Moscow offices of the Iz Ruk v Ruki, at the cash register terminals of Sibneft filling stations, at R-Style computer stores, and the offices of the commercial banks Sibcontact and Uralprivatbank.

It has to be specially noted that CyberPlat® began a global project to partner up with the Russian Federal Postal Service to use postal offices as payment reception outlets. Today payments are already accepted at the postal offices of eight regions of Russia. In the next two years 17 thousand out of the total of 40 thousand postal offices are going to be connected to the CyberPlat® network. The remaining postal offices will be connected as they get equipped with computers.

Throughout 2004 CyberPlat® enjoyed successful cooperation with a number of large retail chains such as Svyaznoi, DIXIS, Euronet, Mobile Center, Beta Link, Techmarket, IAlt Telecom, ON, Mobitel, and a number of others. In 2004 another three retail chains joined CyberPlat®: Ultra, Teleforum and Tzifrograd.

It has to be noted that CyberPlat®'s partners are primarily large companies with steadily increasing turnovers and a high level of corporate and engineering culture, whether they are retail chains or mobile service providers or sat and cable TV networks or ISP's.

In 2004 new operators and ISP's partnered up with CyberPlat®: "MSS-Volga", "Nizhniy Novgorod Mobile Communications", "Rostelecom", MGTS, "Matrix", "MTU-Intel", "DIVO TV".

As part of their strategic partnership, Svyaznoi, Mobile Center, Alt Telecom and CyberPlat® implemented joint projects to collect payments for Rostelecom for long distance and international calls. At the same time MGTS services can now be paid for through CyberPlat® at DIXIS stores. Shortly MGTS payments are going to be taken in other CyberPlat® outlets.

In the last year CyberPlat® began receipting payments for Matrix Mobile (Mobile operator), DIVO TV (commercial TV) and MTU-Intel (ISP).

Special attention is paid to increasing CyberPlat®'s presence in the regions. In 2004 a number of new projects were launched to organize payment reception in the Central, North Western, Southern, Volga, Urals, Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts. This allowed the company to organize payment reception in all the federal districts of Russia.

The steadily increasing turnover and quality of service make CyberPlat® a market leader in its sector. Thus, based on the figures for 2004 MTS thanked CyberPlat® for record payment collection on their behalf. pointed out that CyberPlat® is their largest payment collection partner. Up to day and easy to use technologies, high security of transactions ensured by the use of electronic signatures, comfortable financial conditions that include the use of future collected payments as collateral for business loans, all of these make CyberPlat® a most attractive partner for Russia's leading companies.

There was also an increase from 260 to 289 in the number of internet stores that accept payments through CyberPlat® that use international debit and credit cards. The total number of goods and services offered by these stores reached 1.442 million

Andrey Gribov, Chair of the Board of the "Platina" Bank that owns CyberPlat®, remarked: "CyberPlat®'s growth strategy is to create the most comfortable, convenient and favorable conditions for our partners and clients ".

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