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January 22, 2015

Payment of Moscow transport fares has become more convenient, thanks to CyberPlat®

Within the scope of a joint project CyberPlat® electronic payment system and Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Department of Moscow are expanding ways of topping up Troika cards that are used for paying the public transport fare.

Moscovites and guests of the Russian capital will be able to pay at the top-up points of CyberPlat®, scattered across Moscow and Moscow region. Now it is much easier to pay for the metro and surface transport rides since there are thousands of conveniently placed terminals and ATMs, major retail networks of communication carriers and digital stores, as well as web resources of service providers and partner banks of CyberPlat® at the disposal of the passengers.

There are two stages of the remote Troika card topping up procedure: first off, funds are transferred to the account of the payer, and then funds are credited to the Troika electronic card.

The first stage requires a passenger to enter their transport card number at the top-up point, and then pay the necessary amount of money. Thereafter all the payer has to do is credit the transferred amount of money to the card using information terminal in the nearest metro station vestibule. All you need is press the on-screen virtual button that says «Top up remotely», and then hold the card near the terminal’s electronic reader. In several seconds the amount of money transferred to the Troika card will be displayed on the screen.

The highest possible payment amount is 2 500 rub, money is accepted without commission. The card funds are valid for five years since its last usage. Once the card is topped up, the passengers can have single rides paying the base «Troika» tariffs: 28 rub for Metro, 26 rub for the surface transport and 44 rub for a ride with transfers using the ‘90 minute’ tariff.

Setting up convenient fare payment in the capital’s transport, especially during the rush hour, is one of the most vital issues of urban infrastructure. Our cooperation with the Transport Department of Moscow helps to find a solution. In the extensive network of payment acceptance points of CyberPlat®, people will be able to quickly top up their Troika cards using the way they find most convenient, e.g. in the phone shop on their way to work. That allows the townsmen to stay mobile, which is so crucial these days, on the other hand it allows the city to cut short queues in the Metro ticket offices,“ says Vladimir Kuznetsov, CEO of the CyberPlat® electronic payment system.

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