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February 15, 2005

POLARIS begins taking CyberPlat® payments

Computer retail chain POLARIS has begun taking CyberPlat® payments for fixed and mobile phone operators, sat and cable TV networks and ISP's

Cash payments are taken from the customers of MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Sonet, NTV-Plus, Cosmos-TV, Corbina Telecom, DIVO TV and other service providers. Payments can now be made at 20 Polaris computer stores across Moscow. Money gets transferred into subscribers' accounts online with no additional surcharge.

Putting money into your account is very easy and only takes seconds: you fill out a ticket specifying your mobile phone number (or the number of your subscription contract, your card or your subscription account) and the amount that you want to put in, once the money's been paid and the payment transaction has been processed you get a receipt. Transactions are secured by electronic signatures

"Now that Polaris computer stores take CyberPlat payments mobile phone users have got a new convenient way of replenishing their accounts with minimal hassle," Vladimir Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the "Platina" Commercial Bank's Executive Board and CyberPlat®'s executive director, was quoted as saying. For the locations of the Polaris computer stores that take CyberPlat® payments call Polaris customer support at 7-55555-7 or visit

The POLARIS computer retail chain
The largest and most dynamic computer retail chain POLARIS was founded in 1998. All of the stores that are part of the chain maintain the same high standards of customer service, providing the broadest range of quality post sale services. Highly skilled sales consultants regularly take professional development courses and pass rigorous examinations so that they can help customers select the exact computer and office equipment that they need in the shortest amount of time.

The POLARIS computer retail chain is part of the NT Computer group of companies that includes manufacturers of computers (the NT trademark) and other equipment, whole sale and distribution chains, a network of wholesale offices and warehouses in Russia and Ukraine and a network of maintenance and repair centers.

For additional information, go to,

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