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February 2, 2015

CyberPlat® cash register software is available to everyone

CyberPlat® electronic payment system has developed free cash register software for retail process automation. CyberPlat® cash register software is publicly available at the company’s website at The product’s key advantages are simplicity of integration and universality.

CyberPlat® cash register software is designed for sales automation in small outlets located within walking distance, mobile service shops, and personal service enterprises. The program is easily installed on any computer and cash register system running Microsoft® Windows OS.

The software enables its users to automate the entire trading process: goods or service registration, payment acceptance, calculation of the total purchase and change amount, cash register payments and cash-in-transit, receipt printing, interaction with loyalty programs, reporting and others.

Cash register software is shipped with a pre-installed CyberChange module. CyberChange is an up-to-date financial technology that allows its users to make real-time transfers of money remaining after the payment for services to over 3000 mobile communication carriers, internet providers, utility service, satellite and cable TV providers, and many others.

Simple and convenient CyberChange service integrated in the free cash register software lowers the cash-in-transit costs, while increasing the purchaser servicing speed and boosting the cash register operation effectiveness. Thereby commercial enterprise owner who installs CyberPlat® cash register software gets an opportunity to bump up their business income without additional expenditure.

In dire conditions of today’s economy Russian retailers vitally need software products that would optimize interaction with a buyer and wouldn’t require financial investments. It is this need that prompted CyberPlat® to develop cash register software. We managed to create an absolutely universal software that is bound to be in demand by trading enterprises, and will become a great tool in retail business efficiency boost,“ says Andrey Gribov, CEO of the CyberPlat® electronic payment system.

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