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October 22, 2015

CyberPlat® rolls out a comprehensive payment service in the offices of Moscow Oblast Unified Information and Payment Center

Within the scope of cooperation with Moscow Oblast Unified Information and Payment Center (MosOblEIRTS LLC) CyberPlat® electronic payment system announces the roll-out of a comprehensive one-stop shop payment service where one will be able to pay for services of a wide variety of providers.

In the offices of MosOblEIRTS population of Moscow suburbs will be able to pay for services of mobile and landline operators, commercial TV and internet providers, gas and energy supply companies, security systems and other providers via CyberPlat®. Moreover, the customers will have an opportunity to repay their loans, make deposits to their bank accounts, and make payments to the state, such as duties and taxes, road fines, employment patents and other public services.

The payment routine is simple and doesn’t take much time: a customer tells the cashier name and bank details of the provider and payment amount, after which the cashier prints out a temporary receipt. The payer then signs the receipt and pays the money, while the cashier gives him a regular cash register receipt confirming that the service payment was made. The transaction is carried out in real time and the deposited amount is instantly credited to the payment recipient.

«Our cooperation with CyberPlat® will substantially increase number of services provided by MosOblEIRTS to its customers,» notes Alexander Sychkov, CEO of MosOblEIRTS LLC.

CyberPlat® gives residents of every single Russia’s region an opportunity to comfortably pay for services of a wide range of federal and local providers. Implementation of this joint project makes MosOblEIRTS a multi-provider payment center and enables residents of Moscow suburbs to make more convenient and secure payments for the broadest range of services,» says Andrey Gribov, CEO of CyberPlat.

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