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November 26, 2015

CyberPlat has been licensed by FSB to develop, produce and distribute encryption facilities

CyberPlat would like to inform you about being successfully licensed for development, production and distribution of encryption (cryptographic) facilities, along with information and telecom systems protected by the encryption facilities mentioned above. This license covers work and services provided in the field of information encryption and maintenance of the systems that use cryptographic facilities.

The license is provided by the FSB Center for Licensing, Certification and State Secret Protection with no expiration date.

Running information protection facilities in Russia requires licenses in accordance with the Federal Law No. 99-FZ dated May 4, 2011 ‘On licensing of specific businesses’. Licenses are issued by the FSB Center for Licensing, Certification and State Secret Protection or local security authorities and are regulated by the regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 313 dated April 16, 2012.

By successfully completing every procedure and receiving a lifetime license once again proves that CyberPlat meets the strictest requirements in terms of qualified staff, products certificates, accounting systems and information storage systems. Having been a pioneer in the e-payment technology since 1997, CyberPlat places emphasis on the safety of transactions. All products and services designed by CyberPlat, are protected by the information protection facilities in full conformity with the Russian laws.

CyberPlat offers solutions accessible to all market players and caters to requests made by businesses and needs of government institutions. Expansion of the licensed businesses enables our company to increase range of the provided services, speed up development of new products, and make cooperation with customers and partners even more effective», says Andrey Gribov, CEO of CyberPlat.

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