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December 23, 2015

CyberPlat® provides you with a convenient way to pay for ‘NTK Intourist’ tours in Euroset outlets

CyberPlat® electronic payment system and the federal retailer Euroset announce expansion of options while paying for tourist trips organized by the National tourist company Intourist. Paying for ski resorts and health retreats, as well as beach vacation and journeys offered by NTK Intourist became even easier. Having ordered a trip in the office and via the company website, tourists can pay through at the checkout of any Euroset outlet across the entire Russia.

The payment process is easier than ever: simply tell a Euroset cashier your booking and account numbers that you received when ordering a tour, whereafter confirm the amount and make a payment. However, if a trip ticket’s price exceeds 15,000 rubles, you will need to show your passport.

The payment is a real-time procedure; ticket owners can check the order status on the official NTK Tourist website at

CyberPlat is working on cooperation with travel industry companies and offers tour operators, hotels and air carriers a payment system enabling customers to pay for their trips via the Russia’s largest electronic payment system CyberPlat®. Convenient and secure trip payment process allows Russian tour operators to show highest service quality and prove flawless client service standards.

Russian tourists are very picky and expect tour operators to offer top quality convenience at an as early a stage as buying a ticket. Easy payment process for services of one of the pioneering Russian travel companies became a reality due to the widespread Euroset retail chain and reliable technologies of CyberPlat®. Amid the drastic situation at the travel market these perks are going to help cement loyalty of the existing customers and attract new ones, as well as increase stability of the travel industry,» says Vladimir Kuznetsov, CEO of CyberPlat® electronic payment system.

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