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October 5, 2016

Paying for utility services in Leningrad Oblast has become even more convenient thanks to CyberPlat®

CyberPlat® electronic payment system in cooperation with Uniform Information and Payment Center of the Leningrad Oblast (UIAPC LO) announce a substantial expansion of options concerning paying for utility services within the said region.

Locals of the Leningrad Oblast have been enabled to pay their utility bill via a uniform payment document in any payment outlet of the CyberPlat® network that supports this service. At population’s disposal are conveniently placed self-service kiosks and ATMs, electronic retail networks, along with web resources of service providers and partner banks of the electronic payment system. CyberPlat® partnership infrastructure within the Oblast ensures highest accessibility and security of payments for customers.

The payment procedure is simple and takes little time: a customer tells a cashier their personal account number, payment period, payment amount (1 to 15,000 rubles) and then pays. The transaction is carried out in real time and the entered amount is credited to the payment recipient’s account in an instant.

«Payment acceptance network development is one of our top-priority goals. By making possible paying for utility services within a walking distance allows subscribers of UIAPC LO to save their time, which ultimately improves the service quality,» notes CEO of UIAPC LO, Denis Shabarin.

Expanding partnership with regional providers has been and still is one of the key directions of the company development. It is crucial for us that in any place in the country people could have the most convenience when paying for utility services, topping up their mobile and landline communication, internet, banking services, among many others. Our partners choose modern electronic CyberPlat® services to provide their customers with a big-scale infrastructure and high level of payments reliability,» says CEO of the CyberPlat® electronic payment system, Andrey Gribov.

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