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March 9, 2005

Restavraziastroibank CB begins receipting CyberPlat® payments

Restavraziastroibank CB OJSC has begun acting as a CyberPlat® agent receipting payments for fixed and mobile phone service providers, sat and cable TV networks and ISP's

Restavraziastroibank CB's offices and cash desks in Moscow and the Moscow oblast now take cash payments from the subscribers of MTS, Beeline, Megafon, MGTS, Rostelecom, NTV-Plus, Cosmos-TV, DIVO-TV, Corbina Telecom and a number of other service providers. Money gets transferred into subscribers' accounts online.

Vladimir Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the "Platina" Bank's Board and CyberPlat®'s Executive Director, remarked: "Restavraziastroibank has become our 27th agent bank and now the number of money reception outlets in our network has exceeded 4300".

Putting money into your account is very easy and only takes seconds: you fill out a ticket specifying your mobile phone number (or the number of your subscription contract, your card or your subscription account) and the amount that you want to put in, once the money's been paid and the payment transaction has been processed you get a receipt. Transactions are secured by electronic signatures.

The bank's offices and cash desks where payments can be made for telecom, sat and cable TV and ISP services are located at the following addresses:

Central office - Moscow, Bolshoi Drovyanoi Pereulok 7/9, building1, tel. 730-00-04. Subsidiary office Istrinskiy - Istra, ulitsa. 9th Guards division, 38b tel. 994-81-68. Subsidiary office Podolskiy - Podolsk, Moscow oblast, ulitsa Komsomolskaya 1. Business center Zinger OJSC tel. 239-17-44. Subsidiary office South West - Moscow, Leninskiy Prospect 146, Central House of the Tourist tel. 438-69-66.

Restavraziastroibank CB OJSC
was founded in January 1995. Central Bank's general license Mo 3205 of 03.07.2003. Since February 2005 Restavraziastroibank has been a participant in the deposit insurance system. Ever since its foundation Restavraziastroibank has always centered on its clients and their ever increasing needs. This is evidenced by the wide spectrum of services that the bank offers to its clients which are constantly being updated and range from traditional to custom designed unique. The natural consequence of this approach is an ever increasing clientele, a 24% growth in total balance and a 20% growth in capital over the last year. The bank's investment policy focuses on real estate construction projects that range from apartment complexes to office blocks, from manufacturing facilities to warehousing complexes both in Moscow and in the oblast. Always striving to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, Restavraziastroibank is actively pursuing opportunities in different segments of the financial and securities markets.

Sagereistrasse 33, 8152 Opfikon, Zürich, Switzerland

+41 (44) 810 01 74

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