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February 27, 2017

CyberPlat® is now accepting payments towards the Platon system

CyberPlat is expanding possibilities for the users of the Platon Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system by offering a quicker and more convenient way of topping up their accounts or paying up the toll ticket in the CyberPlat® electronic payment system.

Owners of the vehicles exceeding 12 tons of gross vehicle weight can pay in all CyberPlat® payment outlets that support payment of this service. Platon users can now choose any way of paying that is convenient to them. For example, it can be done via remote services of the CyberPlat® partner banks — online banking or mobile banking — or make use of the bank’s extensive retail network. You can also pay in mobile stores and CyberPlat® payment terminals in any region of Russia.

Payment transactions are processed in real time with money reaching personal account within seconds.

There are 2 ways of collecting payments in Platon system. Owners of heavy trucks can either obtain a toll ticket for a specific period of time and route or equip their vehicle with an on-board GLONASS/GPS unit. The device determines the route and automatically debits the truck owner’s account accordingly.

Platon ETC system was created and put into service in 2015 aiming to offset the damage inflicted to the roads by trucks with weight exceeding 12 tons. The payment is collected for driving Russian Federal Highways. The money received is transferred to the federal budget on daily basis and is spent on repairs and improvement of Russia’s road and transport infrastructure.

Every freight transportation business owner will be able to fully appreciate accessibility and convenience of paying via the CyberPlat® system that includes extensive geographical coverage, convenient location of payment outlets, opportunity to choose an optimal way of payment and service working 24/7,» says CEO of the CyberPlat® system, Andrey Gribov.

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