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July 31, 2017

Amway products can now be paid for through the CyberPlat® system

CyberPlat has begun accepting payments towards one of the Russiaís leaders in direct sales — Amway — in the CyberPlat® electronic payment system.

Independent entrepreneurs and customers of the brand well-known in Russia can now pay for its products in any payment outlet of CyberPlat® where this service is available. Amway customers can now notice how more convenient it has become to make payments: sizable CyberPlat® network covers the entire Russia with payment acceptance outlets located at the most accessible spots. Major electronic retail networks come to the service of the payers: mobile stores and digital equipment, as well as internet resources of the service providers and partner banks of CyberPlat®, ATM and terminal networks.

The payment procedure is simple and takes but a few seconds: a customer — either orally or through the payment terminal interface — indicates the number attributed to them on registration in Amway, indicates the order number and payment amount (from RUB 1 to 15,000), and pays.

Payment transactions in the CyberPlat® system are real-time and the inserted amount is instantly transferred to the recipientís account.

Direct sales segment is notable for its high competitiveness. It makes sense then, that companies working in that segment are more than others interested in lowering expenses and increasing service quality on every step of interaction with the consumers, which includes product payments. A huge geographical coverage and maximal accessibility of the CyberPlatís® payment infrastructure allows us to substantially expedite the process of paying for the Amway orders and decrease costs when collecting revenue, and also helps to extend the network of sales representatives," notices CEO of CyberPlat®, Andrey Gribov.

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