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October 2, 2017

CyberPlat® system now allows you to add funds to Mir cards

CyberPlat company together with Platina CB, the settlement bank of the CyberPlat® electronic payments system, have introduced a service for adding funds to the cards of the Mir national payment system. The service is available for cardholders of any type of Mir card — whether debit, classic or premium. Platina is an issuing bank of the Mir national payment system.

Adding funds to the card accounts is one of the most popular bank services. Thanks to the high-tech solutions of CyberPlat®, over 15.5 million Mir cardholders can now add funds to their bank accounts from any of the hundreds of thousands of points where this service is supported. You can add funds at the checkout of federal or regional retail chains, via infrastructure of partner banks or through the network of self-service kiosks. Functionality, convenience, and simplicity of the payment service allow the customers to spend minimum of their time when it comes to transactions.

CyberPlat® processes funds added to Mir cards in real time, that said transactions are completely secure; throughout 19 years of operation not a single transaction has been breached.

Mir national payment system was established in Russia in December 2015 to ensure payment independence of Russians from foreign payment systems. Mir operates across Russia including Crimea. Mir is growing by the day: as of April 2017 number of issued cards was at 5 million, 10 million in June, and over 15.5 million in August.

More and more people become Mir cardholders — by the year end their number is expected to exceed 20 million. Such over-the-top growth requires rapid infrastructure development; it is important that every person can quickly and effortlessly add funds to their bank account. That is why integration with CyberPlat® will enables Russians to  all benefits of this relatively fledgling payment system. We prioritize Russian products and concepts, use our own IT solutions and we are convinced that Russian technologies ensure security of transactions and solidify stability of the country’s financial system on the whole,» notes CyberPlat CEO Andrey Gribov.

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