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December 6, 2017

CyberPlat® implements a service for topping up the Podorozhnik electronic card

CyberPlat company in cooperation with Saint Petersburg State Public Institution Organizator perevozok with support from the Saint Petersburg Administration’s Transport Committee are expanding options for topping up the Podorozhnik electronic card designed for paying fares on public transport of the Northern Capital of Russia.

Now it is vastly more convenient to pay fares in metro, municipal busses, trams, trolleybuses, and with commercially based transportation companies thanks to the CyberPlat® infrastructure widely spread in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Electronic retail points of sale, offices, ATMs & web resources of partner banks of CyberPlat®, major self-service kiosk networks, and other payment acceptance points are all at the service of the passengers.

Topping up of the contactless Podorozhnik smart card via the CyberPlat® system is carried out remotely in two steps: at first, funds are transferred to the payer’s account and then credited to the electronic card. During the first step card holder should tell the payment acceptance point cashier or enter manually their Podorozhnik card number on the self-service kiosk’s screen and then enter the required amount. After that all the payer needs to do is credit the funds to their card using visualizers located at the vestibules of all metro stations or by addressing the metro ticket office cashiers.

The minimum initial electronic card top-up amount should be no less than a cost of a single ride on the city’s public transport. All further top-ups have no amount limits, however one should keep in mind that the maximum Podorozhnik card balance is limited to 15,000 rubles.

«Together with CyberPlat we laid the groundwork that resulted in expansion of the network points for topping up Unified electronic tickets credited to the Podorozhnik card. These events are held as part of the systematic work geared towards increasing convenience of using electronic tickets as an instrument for paying fares on the public transport of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs,» says Vladimir Samoilov, Head of SPb GKU Organizator Perevozok.

Convenient, reliable, safe, and quick — these are the words that first spring to mind of the users of the electronic services of CyberPlat® to describe it. It is impossible to imagine life in a modern metropolis with no ways to make an instant top-up of your mobile phone, ISPs, transport fares, and many other day-to-day services. By offering high-tech solutions and extensive infrastructure for making a convenient fare payment we help citizens of Saint Petersburg to save their time and mobility regardless of their itinerary,» notes Andrey Gribov, CEO of the CyberPlat® electronic payments system.

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