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April 14, 2005

North West Telecom begins collecting payments through CyberPlat®

Svyaz-Service agencies operated by North West Telecom's subsidiary Murmanskeletrosvyaz began receipting cash payments from MTS, Beeline, Megafon and NTV plus subscribers through the universal electronic payment system CyberPlat®.

Money gets transferred into subscribers' accounts online with no additional surcharge. The service is available across the Murmansk oblast in the following cities and towns: Murmansk, Severodvinsk, Apatity, Kirovsk, Kandalaksha, Monchegorsk, Polyarnye Zori, Zaozersk, Zapolyarnyi, Kola, Kovdor, Olenegorsk, Polyarnyi, Snezhnogorsk, Nikel, Murmashi, Revda, Roslyakovo.

Putting money into your account is very easy and only takes seconds: you fill out a ticket where you specify your mobile phone number or the number of your subscription contract and the amount that you want to put in, once the money's been paid and the payment has been processed you get a receipt. Transactions are secured by electronic signatures.

Andrey Gribov, the Chairman of the Board of the "Platina" Commercial Bank that owns CyberPlat®, remarked: "Today CyberPlat® is cooperating with the largest nation wide retail chains, telecoms specializing in both fixed and mobile services and commercial banks with extensive subsidiary networks. Now that Murnaskelektorsvyaz, the largest provider of telecom services in the Kola Peninsula, is also on CyberPlat®, the region's customers have a new convenient way of replenishing their accounts."

Murmanskelectrosvyaz, a subsidiary of North West Telecom
Murmanskelectrosvyaz is the leading provider of a full range of telecom services in the Kola Peninsula.

The capacity of MELS's telephone network is 290 thousand numbers. Today, the telecom infrastructure in the Murmansk oblast is far ahead of the nation's averages. There are 34.4 telephones per 100 residents. Since 2000 there has been no queuing for telephone installations. The national percentage of digital networks is 65% in Murmansk this figure stands at 89%.

A powerful digital network has been built in the region that now connects all of its cities. Digital channels make up 98% of the total length of phone lines.

In light of the federal program "Electronic Russia", the subsidiary is actively introducing state of the art infocom services in the local market. The launch of a multi service network has enabled both public services and businesses to take full advantage of cutting edge information technologies.

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