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January 25, 2018

CyberPlat® introduces payment service for the Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan

Russia’s and CIS’s largest electronic payments system, CyberPlat®, along with one of the Kazakhstan’s leading banks, Home Credit Bank, are announcing their cooperation.

Customers of the Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan can now make convenient account top-ups and make loan payments at CyberPlat® network acceptance points.

Account and loan agreement holders of Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan can use the service in any payment acceptance point connected to the CyberPlat® where such service has been implemented.

A simple procedure takes 1-2 minutes and requires minimal payer’s ID information. To top up an account or to make a loan payment all Home Credit Bank customer needs to do is indicated their agreement number and enter the amount. The payment procedure is real time, funds are transferred within seconds and the bank’s customer can check the receipt of such funds immediately.

Indisputable tech perks of the CyberPlat® solutions such as speed, performance, reliability, and continuity ensure high quality of the service and absolute security of financial transactions ruling out the possibility of an erroneous payment.

Our priorities in cooperation with banks just like with any other partners are comprehensive development of the most popular payment services and maximal availability for the population. Innovative solutions of CyberPlat® successfully implemented in various countries will serve as a proof of high efficiency in Kazakhstan as well, ensuring sustained growth of the customer base and cemented loyalty of the Kazakhstan bank customers», emphasizes CyberPlat® CEO, Andrey Gribov.

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