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August 21, 2020

Cyberplat has implemented a service for accepting payments for travel on toll roads

CyberPlat Company and Avtodor — Toll Roads LLC announce the expansion of the possibility of paying for tolls on road sections operated by Avtodor — Toll Roads, and offer drivers a quick and convenient way to replenish their personal account in the CyberPlat® electronic payment system.

Payments can be made at all CyberPlat® outlets where payment for this service is available, and vehicle owners have the opportunity to choose any method of depositing funds convenient for themselves. Drivers can make payment at branches, ATMs, cash desks of CyberPlat® partner banks using remote banking services, and can also top up their personal account in communication shops and in the networks of CyberPlat® payment terminals in any region of Russia.

Payers can deposit funds to the balance of the personal account of the T-pass transponder in various ways: by the phone number to which the account is linked; by the PAN number of the transponder itself (the first 19 digits indicated on the device) or by the number of the personal account (contract for the provision of services). The maximum balance of funds on the account is limited to 15,000 rubles.

Payment transactions in the CyberPlat® system are carried out in real time, funds are credited to a personal account within a few seconds.

«The T-pass transponder will become one of the most convenient ways to pay for travel to the Central Ring Road in the Moscow region, and therefore increasing the convenient and fast ways to replenish the balances of personal accounts is one of our important tasks,» said Deputy General Director for Development of Avtodor — Toll Roads LLC Dmitry Naumov. «I am sure that users of toll roads and T-pass transponders will appreciate the speed and convenience of recharging through the CyberPlat® system.»

Expansion of the infrastructure for paying for roads at the expense of CyberPlat® payment acceptance points within walking distance helps drivers choose the best route and saves time. In the future, along with the development of the toll road network in Russia, the demand for multichannel payment services will only increase. The users of CyberPlat® services, first of all, note their manufacturability, convenience, reliability and safety. These key characteristics are fully implemented in this project and are available to every motorist, »emphasizes Andrey Gribov, General Director of Cyberplat.

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