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October 1, 2021

Cyberplat fulfilled all obligations to the participants of the electronic payment system

LLC «CYBERPLAT» is a processing company that ensures the transfer of information between payment agents who receive payments from the population, the settlement bank and recipients of funds. On September 17, 2021, the Bank of Russia revoked its banking license from CB PLATINA (the settlement bank of the CYBERPLAT electronic payment system) and introduced a temporary administration in the bank. The bank’s provisional administration could have instructed payment agents to stop accepting payments from the population, but did not.

Information about all payments made by citizens both before and after the revocation of the license from CB PLATINA was automatically transferred to the bank by the CYBERPLAT system and is at the disposal of the temporary administration of the bank, since it was recorded in the Bank’s ABS on account 30232 «Incomplete payments with operators of payment infrastructure services ».

Despite this, the temporary administration sends a lot of requests to CYBERPLAT to provide a significant amount of information in an unrealistically short time (several hours), exposing the company to a kind of DOS attack. For example, request No. 117BA dated 09.24.2021 with the requirement to provide a gigantic amount of data by 18:00 on 09.28.2021 was handed over to the company only at 16:00. 09/27/2021. Having received such a request, «CYBERPLAT» naturally informed that it would process it and give an answer within a reasonable time. In fact, the entire CYBERPLAT staff is involved in the processing of the interim administration’s requests, and the company is making every effort to process these requests. Earlier, «CYBERPLAT» has already reported that 518 thousand Russians did not make payments.

At present, the company considers it necessary to clarify that 447 thousand of them were processed by Platina Bank until 9.00 am on September 17, that is, before the start of the temporary administration at Platina Bank.

Another 71 thousand payments were processed after the arrival of the temporary administration, as it was unable to promptly notify the paying agents about the suspension of payments by Bank Platina.

The responsible employees of the Central Bank, who carried out the audit of Platina Bank from April to August 2021, could not help but understand that a sudden stop by the temporary administration of Platina Bank settlements would inevitably lead to a «freeze» of payments made in the CYBERPLAT processing the previous day.

«CYBERPLAT» fully fulfilled its obligations, communicating to the «PLATINA» bank information about the payments made, and eliminated distortions of information about the state of settlements between subscribers and operators.

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