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October 19, 2021

Bank «PLATINA» contested the revocation of the license in the Arbitration Court of Moscow

On October 18, 2021, Bank PLATINA applied to the Moscow Arbitration Court to challenge the orders of the Bank of Russia to revoke its banking license and appoint a temporary administration.

Earlier, the Bank of Russia reported that the license of the PLATINA bank was revoked due to a violation of anti-money laundering and banking legislation, and also due to the fact that the bank «carried out in significant volumes non-transparent transactions aimed at ensuring settlements between individuals and illegal online casinos and bookmakers».

Bank «PLATINA», in turn, claims that it has never ensured illegal settlements and did not allow any significant violations of the law that could serve as a basis for revoking its license. «The violations of the law imputed to the applicant are formal and / or insignificant, or are not violations as such,» the lawsuit says.

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