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May 20, 2005

CyberPlat® begins collecting payments for ComCor-TV

CyberPlat®'s payment collection outlets have begun taking cash payments from the subscribers of the telecom service provider ComCor-TV

Money gets put into ComCor-TV subscription accounts online with no additional surcharges. Payments are taken at all Moscow CyberPlat® receipt collection outlets.

To pay for ComCor-TV services, which include cable TV and unlimited broadband Internet access, customer just needs to go to a store, pharmacy, casino, supermarket, filling station or bank that takes CyberPlat® payments, fill out a pay ticket, hand the money to the cashier and get a receipt. The money then gets added to their ComCor-TV account in a matter of seconds. Transactions are secured by electronic signatures.

"The number of ComCor-TV subscribers is constantly on the rise. Thanks to our wide network of payment reception outlets and the fast speed of transactions, they will be able to appreciate the convenience and speed of this new way of payment offered by CyberPlat® ", said Andrey Gribov, Chairmen of the Board of the "Platina" Bank that owns CyberPlat®.

"Today high quality customer service is key in determining the success of any high tech service provider. Therefore we are very happy to be working with CyberPlat® that offers our customers a fast and safe way of paying for our services ", remarked Yuriy Pripachkin, chair of ComCor CJSC's Board of Directors.

ComCor-TV closed Joint Stock Company
ComCor-TV CJSC has been offering services based on broadband coaxial fiber networs since 2000. Today ComCor-TV is the only company in the Moscow market that offers a full range of world class broadband infotainment services that include a set of sat TV channels (including NTV-plus), unlimited broadband Internet access, a set of domestic syndicated TV and radio channels and a number of additional multi media services. As of April 1 2005, the number of ComCor-TV subscribers reached 70000

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