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March 5, 2022

CyberFT digital platform is license independent from foreign software vendors

The Cyberplat company informs that the CyberFT digital platform completely eliminates the risks that arose in connection with the mass withdrawal of foreign system software developers from the Russian market, including Oracle and SAP companies. Since 2018, the CyberFT platform has been operating on the basis of the Russian Postgres Pro DBMS, and all new Cyberplat products do not use licensed databases. Compatibility of CyberFT with an open source solution provides independence and sovereignty of the platform, and also reduces the cost of ownership and maintenance compared to foreign solutions. The platform is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases of the Russian Ministry of Communications.

CyberFT provides prompt, unauthorized access-protected information exchange for banks, holdings, government organizations, companies and other market participants. The relevance of the CyberFT digital platform, which completely surpasses the SWIFT system in terms of its main functionality, has increased even more after large Russian banks were disconnected from the system.

The key difference between the CyberFT platform and SWIFT is the use of new modern information transfer principles that provide high network reliability and security and reduce integration costs.

In CyberFT, according to users, the currency control document exchange service, which SWIFT does not have, is in great demand: certificates and information on foreign exchange transactions, applications for registering a contract and other documents.

Unlike SWIFT, CyberFT implements a secure internal information exchange of various types of documents in accordance with the ISO 20022 standard and supports a universal host-to-host — a settlement system for corporations in the «single window» mode with servicing banks. The platform provides integration with corporate ERP systems, setting up automatic signing of outgoing documents, as well as the ability to implement new formats within existing message categories.

In the near future, the functionality of CyberFT will be supplemented with new digital software solutions to optimize the costs of treasuries when organizing the exchange of financial data and legally significant electronic documents.

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