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May 30, 2005

CyberPlat® begins receipting payments for the MOTIV mobile network in Yekaterinburg

MOTIV customers in Yekaterinburg and in the Sverdlovsk oblast can now put money into their accounts by paying cash at CyberPlat® outlets

MOTIV gives its subscribers the option of paying cash for its services at CyberPlat® outlets. The money gets transferred into subscribers' accounts online.

Subscribers on price plans with credit lines and advance payments can make cash payments of any amount. Subscribers on MOBI, MOBI+, MOBi GSM and Tgiskiy Motiv plans can only make payments of 150, 300, 500 and 1000 rubles. Putting money into an account takes a few seconds. The security of the transaction is guaranteed by electronic signatures.

A subscriber just fills out a pay ticket, hands the cash to the cashier and then gets a receipt. The information that needs to be specified in the pay ticket includes the number of the subscriber's account or their phone number, their full name, the amount of payment, the date and time of payment.

Vladimir Kuznetsov, Deputy Chair of the "Platina" Bank's Executive board and the Executive Director of CyberPlat® believe that MOTIV is a fast developing company with a focus on high quality of customer service and affordable prices. The partnership between CyberPlat® and MOTIV gives the latter's subscribers a whole set of new options for topping up their accounts.

MOTIV Mobile Network
The company offers AMPS/DAMPS - 800 and GSM-1800 mobile services in the Sverdlovsk oblast. It began operations in 1996 after being issued licenses No 11946 and No 19964 by the Russian Communications Ministry. The company's been actively expanding ever since.

MOTIV is always striving to provide services of the highest quality that give its subscribers the maximum range of options. This goal is accomplished by constant technological updates. At present the total number of MOTIV's subscribers is estimated at around 600 thousand people.

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