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June 1, 2005

Petroelectrosbyt payment reception outlets have begun taking CyberPlat® payments for Beeline, MTS and NTV-Plus

Cash payments from the subscribers of Beeline, MTS and NTV Plus are now taken at the Petroelectrosbyt payment reception outlets in Saint Peterburg. Subscribers'' accounts are topped up online with no additional surcharge.

Entering into an agreement with Petrolectrosbyt CJSC to jointly collect payments is in line with CyberPlat®,com's business strategy whose main pillar is increasing the number of partners that are leaders in their market sectors and have extensive networks of outlets that can be easily adapted to take cash payments for services.

CyberPlat® traditionally offers its partners very comfortable conditions. These include: the ease of connecting to the system, absolute security, online commission charging, loans extended on condition that payments will be taken. This approach is a key reason behind the dynamic growth of the payment collection network whose turnover tripled last year reaching $ 459 million.

Topping up one's account is very easy and only takes seconds: all you have to do is fill out a pay ticket, specifying your phone number and the amount of payment. Once the transaction is complete you're given a receipt. The security of transactions is guaranteed by electronic signatures.

"Connecting Petroelectrosbyt to CyberPlat® is very important for us because now we basically partnered up with a market leader in out own sector. This partnership will also benefit the customers of both companies as now they will have more options for making payments" remarked Andrey Gribov, the Chair of the Board of the "Platina" Bank that owns CyberPlat®.

"Our mission is to offer our clients the maximum range of services at the best possible quality and help them save their time. Speed today is an integral part of comfort. Partnership with CyberPlat® is a logical step in our striving for the best possible quality " said Michael Zavorovskiy, Petroelectrosbyt's CEO.

Petroelectrosbyt CJSC
The payment reception network Petroelectrosbyt was initially created to collect payments for electricity. As the company grew the range of its services constantly broadened. Thanks to a number of bold management decisions and the use of high tech, Petroelectrosbyt has become a market leader today. The company's universal payment reception outlets have become integral elements of Saint Petersburg's infrastructure.

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