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August 31, 2005

It takes 30 minutes to join CyberPlat®.

From August 2005 a new fast procedure for joining CyberPlat® is in place. Now this can be accomplished using a special service that can be accessed via the company's web site.

A system for automatically joining CyberPlat® has been launched into operation. To join CyberPlat® via this system a potential partner doesn't need to have an account in the settlement Bank which means that the time it takes to join is cut dramatically. All the necessary documents are created by filling out an online registration form. Once the form is submitted, the new partner receives an automatically compiled contract and the necessary software that will allow them to start taking payments immediately.

The new partnership terms make it possible for just about any business based in Russia to join the CyberPlat® network by registering online on the CyberPlat® site. This will ultimately make CyberPlat® more accessible to its clients giving them another option for cooperation.

"This new feature will allow us to attract new partners and make CyberPlat® more accessible, more convenient and more attractive to potential clients" believes Vladimir Kuznetsov , CyberPlat®'s Executive Director and first deputy Chair of the "Platina" Bank's Board.

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