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September 5, 2005

CyberPlat®'s monthly turnover exceeds $100 million.

In August 2005 CyberPlat®.com's monthly turnover for the first time exceeded $100 million and reached $ 108 million. The current dynamic growth of the company can serve as a prediction for a steady turnover increase in the future. If the current monthly turnovers at least remain at their present level, the company's yearly turnover for 2005 may exceed $1 billion

The total number of CyberPlat® payment collection outlets across Russia exceeds 8200. Within the month over 18 million people used the system to put money into their accounts with different service providers.

The more ways that a payment can be collected and processed, the more convenient the overall system will be for the customers. To improve customer satisfaction CyberPlat® supports a whole range of payment collection and processing modes that use a variety of terminal types (computer, interactive terminals, ATM's, cash register terminals and self service terminals).

As the leader in the number of payments being collected for the largest mobile operators (Beeline, MTS and Megafon) CyberPlat® has 35 gateways to the billing systems of different service providers, including 24 gateways to mobile operators. The number of gateways is constantly growing.

CyberPlat® is the oldest payment collection network in Russia. The first transaction that put money into the account of a Beeline subscriber remotely through the Internet using the CyberPlat® network took place in 1998. In the seven years of dynamic growth, CyberPlat® has managed to build a very reliable payment collection system and attain unique transaction speeds.

Special emphasis is placed on the security of transactions, which is guaranteed by the use of digital electronic signatures. The reliability and financial stability of CyberPlat® are ensured by close cooperation with the Platina bank that owns the system. Andrey Gribov, the Chairman of the "Platina" Bank's Board says: "Years of experience, high technological and financial stability and diversified client' base have made CyberPlat® a model payment collection system in Russia ".

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