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September 22, 2005

Utilities can now be paid in DIXIS stores.

Paying for their utilities is no longer a problem for the Muscovites. It's now been resolved by CyberPlat®.

Starting with September 2005 Muscovites can pay their utilities bills as well as Mosenergo's electricity bills in DIXIS communications stores. The project was cleared with appropriate authorities.

At the present moment 50 DIXIS communications stores have begun collecting utilities bill payments from Muscovites. It is planned that by the end of 2005 a total of more than 2000 additional retail and service outlets connected to CyberPlat® network will be collecting utilities payments from the population. Already today DIXIS is hiring new staff to adequately respond to the expected inflow of people who are going to turn up to pay for their utilities.

DIXIS is not a random pick by CyberPlat®. It is perhaps the most flexible retail chain that always reacts promptly to all new market trends and has a long history of partnership with CyberPlat®. All of this ensures that the two companies' new project is going to take off.

The capital's residents know they can pay for their mobile phones, Internet access, voice over IP, sat and cable TV as well as for long distance and international calls at the same time as they're going about their daily business in the majority of retail or service outlets bearing the "Payment Reception" sign. However from now on utilities and Mosenergo bills can be paid through CyberPlat® as well.

Collecting utilities bill payments is viewed as a very important step in the development of CyberPlat®'s business. "Each of us knows first hand that the system of collecting utilities payments that exists today is very inconvenient for the people, the payment procedure is extremely complex and confusing. Oftentimes just getting to a bank office that takes the payments becomes a problem and people have to line up for hours before they can pay. All of this, of course, falls hopelessly short of the modern customer service standards that more and more Muscovites are beginning to expect," says Andrey Gribov, Chairman of the Board of the "Platina" Commercial Bank that owns the CyberPlat® payment reception network. "When our whole network gets involved in the collection of utilities and electricity payments, people will be able to pay on practically every corner, at least in Moscow. Naturally we're hoping that eventually the bulk of utilities and electricity bills will be paid through our system which will increase our turnover. It's one of those situations where everybody wins ".

"Our motivation behind being the first to begin taking utilities payments in our stores is that this will allow us to improve customer service and broaden the range of services that we can offer to our customers. Our investment towards the implementation of this project is our present to the Muscovites for the city day, " comments Yuriy Avakumov, DIXIS Vice President for Commerce.

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